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Dress wars

I am the first to shout from the rooftops “BUY LOCAL, SUPPORT LOCAL” but I have to admit that when we are talking about $1,850 difference, I will shop ANYWHERE.

Buying a wedding dress online can fill your heart with anticipation,  fear and dread. All of the thoughts running through my head of my parcel not coming, if it did come, would it be green or purple and would I then be able to get a hold of the person who has my money.

As it turns out, I could have saved myself all of that anguish and stress was literally for nothing.

Not only did they tailor make my dress for yes $1,850 LESS than what it was going to cost for the floor stock version at a bridal shop but it was tailored to my body shape and fits perfectly AND it was delivered to me within 4 weeks. All this when bridal shops say alterations take minimum 6 weeks.

Look, if I had the money, I would have gone to “Sir” Paolo Sebastian and asked him to “make me beautiful” but I don’t and I honestly can’t justify spending that sort of money on a dress when we could and will happily spend that money on the reception.

When the dress arrived by post, I dashed over to my bridesmaids house and tried it on. It fit perfectly and though I still think I look fat in it. Everyone else seems to love it.

I loved the fit so much, I jumped on the computer the very next day and bought myself another dress for the reception. LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping online.

Disclaimer: I am not telling people to choose online shopping over in store purchasing, I am explaining my experience with online shopping – nothing more.


Junk in the trunk

OMG, I never thought this would happen! I HAVE A BUTT!

First let me explain, I have never, EVER had any form of an ass… EVER. I have this flat thing between the base of my back and the start of my legs.
It’s never really been an issue as, let’s be honest, prior to my breast reduction, no one really looked at my ass and I was happy with that.
Well, today I got up, looked in the mirror and there is the beginnings of a perky, still small but pert ass.

I couldn’t take my eyes of it this morning and then proceeded to do a little booty dance in front of my darling fiance who looked mighty impressed. 

I would like to thank Natalie from Zumba with Nat and De who has been getting me to do big lunges and lots of squats twice a week. If you want to see how hard I work in those classes you need to follow my Facebook page as I am constantly uploading photos.

I would also like to thank the Isagenix products, as they insure that I am perfectly recovered from my work out, NO NEXT DAY PAIN! Isn’t that great? No muscle pain, no tightness, no struggling to get into my chair and then dreading getting out of it again. 

With all that said, I would like to write a longer blog on my ass but I have to go do some actual work today.
Perky butt
Disclaimer: this clearly isn’t my ass!

My first weigh in

On Thursday, it was measurement day (da da daaaaaaa).

NOPE it wasn’t scary at all. Unlike any other program like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, the weigh in and measurement day is actually something you look forward to as you KNOW you have lost weight!
Before revealing my 1 month results, I need to explain that when I started this weight-loss journey using the Isagenix products, I didn’t really change my lifestyle too much. I didn’t change my exercise programs and to be completely honest I didn’t change my social life habits either, as my friends and family can certainly attest too!

I wanted to see what a difference this program would make without changing too much.

Well, one month, 30 days on Isagenix, I have lost 5kgs and 25cms. Not bad for someone who still drank on weekends!

I had already lost 2kgs in the month leading up to starting this program so now I have now lost a grand total of 7 kgs.

Albeit, it seems that most of the centimeters have come off my face and boobs, it is coming off!

Now though, to most this seems like a great result, it’s not the dramatic result I need to be able to look myself in the mirror and know I put 100% of my energy into creating the body I want to walk down the aisle with. Beyond that, the body I want to have for the rest of my life.

So here I am, making a commitment to intensify my workouts and curb my bad social life habits.

I am really looking forward to giving you more DRASTIC results in one month time so stay tuned and feel free to help me stay motivated.


My scales
I lost 5kgs

It’s all or nothing time!