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16 years on and NOTHING has changed

I just caught up with a couple of old friends of mine and it was honestly like nothing had changed, except for their children running around and us having coffee instead of bourbon and coke.
We were friends from 15 till 20-21 years of age where unfortunately some not so nice men got between us.

Lesson learnt, never let a man come between yourself and your great friends. Even though you will find them again (especially now we have Facebook) you would have missed out on so much in their lives.

Back then we used to talk and talk and laugh and laugh and surprisingly, the same thing happened today. If only our 1 hour lunch could have been 5 hours and drinks. One day that will happen again… and it won’t be pretty or QUIET!

Till that day… I will just look at my old photos, smile and thank the girls for some of the best times in my life.

Friends for life