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Junk in the trunk

OMG, I never thought this would happen! I HAVE A BUTT!

First let me explain, I have never, EVER had any form of an ass… EVER. I have this flat thing between the base of my back and the start of my legs.
It’s never really been an issue as, let’s be honest, prior to my breast reduction, no one really looked at my ass and I was happy with that.
Well, today I got up, looked in the mirror and there is the beginnings of a perky, still small but pert ass.

I couldn’t take my eyes of it this morning and then proceeded to do a little booty dance in front of my darling fiance who looked mighty impressed. 

I would like to thank Natalie from Zumba with Nat and De who has been getting me to do big lunges and lots of squats twice a week. If you want to see how hard I work in those classes you need to follow my Facebook page as I am constantly uploading photos.

I would also like to thank the Isagenix products, as they insure that I am perfectly recovered from my work out, NO NEXT DAY PAIN! Isn’t that great? No muscle pain, no tightness, no struggling to get into my chair and then dreading getting out of it again. 

With all that said, I would like to write a longer blog on my ass but I have to go do some actual work today.
Perky butt
Disclaimer: this clearly isn’t my ass!

Fad or bloody FANTASTIC??

WOW, it has only been 8 days and I already have HUGE results that I can’t wait to tell you about but first…

When I was in Sydney in June 2011, I bought this lovely red dress that I could easily wear in a corporate environment but also go out to dinner in. It was one of those criss-cross dresses that hides parts of your body that you want hidden but shows off your curves. Well, I bought a LARGE and it didn’t fit me, sadly I couldn’t do it up by about 1 ½ cm.  I convinced myself to buy it as I already knew I had to lose weight for my wedding so I might as well buy it and look forward to wearing it soon.

Just like the dress I bought

It is now around 1 year and 3 ½ months later and much to my disappointment I have still never worn that dress and it’s currently sitting in my cupboard waiting for its big unveiling.

The funny thing is, even though I didn’t lose weight, it wasn’t due to lack of trying!  I have tried ladybug shakes, Okinawa Diet, Clean and Lean, Paleo, no carbs, no fat, lots of animal fat, and lots of protein, Dukkan, vegetarian, fasting, juice diets, $150 exercise pants that burn calories, and the HCG diet, all in the last year and a half. With each program I was super excited to start off and then about a month in, I hadn’t lost weight OR even worse, in addition I was craving carbs for 2 months and had lost my ability to concentrate or even think!

Please don’t think that I am silly enough to just rely on dieting. I was exercising and exercising….at one stage I even ran 25kms in 2 days and injured the tendon that holds up the arch of your foot. This kept me off my feet and not training for another 2 months which is demotivating and super frustrating.

So here I am today, only FOUR months out from my wedding from and actually seeing results for the first time and feeling bloody fabulous for doing it this way!

As of today, after only EIGHT DAYS of Isagenix:

I have lost 3.5kgs BUT even better, 18cm!

AMAZING… and the part I love is that I don’t feel tired, I don’t feel run down. I actually have more energy and a clearer mind than I have been used to in quite a while.

I am so used to getting BRAIN FADE at 2pm and craving snacks like packets of chips or cheese and crackers but I am not getting any cravings. INFACT, I don’t feel Ineed to eat the recommended snacks as I am so satisfied.

I am also currently only walking/running my two dogs for 30 minutes a day except for Sunday when we decided to walk the dogs from our house to the city which was 8.5kms. The funny thing is I have NEVER had the energy or inclination to do that on a SUNDAY of all days.

So far, I have nothing but praises for this program but we will see if it turns out to be BLOODY fantastic or just another FAD to add to the list.

By the way, I would like to give a shout out to all those people that either have come up and offered me their praise and support of my blog and to those who are already noticing a difference in the way I look and taking the time to make a comment. It really does mean a lot and I hope to keep you entertained along my journey.