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If you have ever created a Wiki page for a client you would know that it’s tedious, tough and a pain in the butt so I know that I  could never be bothered creating my own Wiki page and I understand that my millions of fans *cough* are too busy working and living life so I quickly wrote my own.


Natascha Dowsett (born 28 January) is an Australian
Freelance Public Relations Consultant

University Career
Natascha attended the University of Adelaide and Griffith University studying a bachelor of media and communications.
Professional career
Independent Film
Upon graduation Natascha pursued a career in film with Urtext films and Roadman Pictures working on a number of independent features and shorts specialising in Continuity Supervision. It was during these years when she finely honed her attention to detail skills and began to build strong industry contacts and networks.
Whilst still performing this role, Natascha founded Roller Skate Pictures to pursue independent projects as a Film Producer. As a producer, Natascha initiated coordinated, supervised, and controlled matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel, and arranging distribution channels.
It was also at this time than Natascha recognised the key potential of Social Media within this sphere and began pioneering the use of social networks for the recruiting of crew and freelancers for a variety of film roles. As an early adopter Natascha was able to establish herself as an influential proponent of Web 2.0 and social media communication reinforced by strong real-world interpersonal relationships.
Transition into Social Media
In late 2009 Natascha made the decision to pursue a career in social media, recognising the professional scope and opportunities this could provide. Her project Dinner, My Shout attracted the attention of a number of social media exponents in South Australia, spawning a number of articles praising her initiative and pioneering approach.1 Whilst ultimately unsuccessful securing the initial intended role due to timing, this announced the emergence of Natascha into the South Australian social media fabric.
Culinetic & Cole Thomas Culinary Solutions
Natascha joined Culinetic in February 2010 to work with Scientific Chef Cole Thomas to assist with the brand transitions from catering to high end culinary experiences. Initially filling the role of Executive Assistant and PR Co-ordinator Natascha instigated and oversaw the web development project, hiring and assisting Lightbulb Digital in the creation of http://www.culinetic.com. This website would later be recognised as a finalist in the AADC awards for the best html/css website.
1 Better Communications Results, Lee Hopkins Job Hunting: From the ‘Anything you can do…’ department
AdTown, Sputnik Job hunter gets creative
Glam Adelaide, Kelly Noble Sell yourself: A real life personal marketing campaign (since removed)

Natascha utilised her superior Networking Skills to help entrench Cole into the South Australian professional community and build his scientific credentials through strategic alliances with Ehrenberg Bass Institute, MISA (Marine Innovation SA), CSIRO, Seafood CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) and TAFE SA. Natascha’s ongoing relationships with peak business bodies such as Advantage Adelaide and the South Australian Tourism Commission and strategic alliance with leading journalists at The Adelaide Advertiser, Gourmet Traveller, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and many more, assisted in elevating Cole from a contracting chef without a restaurant to one of the most recognisable young faces on the SA food circuit.
In recognition of the quality of her PR work, Cole elevated Natascha to the position of Marketing and Business Development Manager in order to best utilise her skills to continue the business growth. Natascha oversaw two blogs, 4 facebook pages, two twitter accounts, web content and represents the sales and marketing face of the company on a face-to- face basis.
Natascha was then asked to work with the Social Media agency Glam Digital to work as a Senior Social Media Account Manager, while the director was on maternity leave, where she has been the account manager of 14 clients which involves creating facebook apps, using iFrames, tweeting, facebooking, researching, end of month reporting and much more for these clients.

Current position

As a Freelance Public Relation consultant, Natascha currently spends her time organising sponsorship deals, events, creating press releases, writing blogs and assisting with general online activities such as Facebooking and Tweeting for clients ranging from International Chefs and National Festivals  all the way through to Pest Consultants. No job is too big or too little.

Natascha’s work ethos is no job is too hard if you smile while doing it.

Personal Life
Natascha’s personal life incorporates her passion for social media, with her being active in a myriad of Web 2.0 platforms. Engaged to the Digital Media and Integration Manager at The Advertiser she and her partner work together to share and develop industry knowledge. When she is not tweeting or checking in, Natascha enjoys fine produce, travel, winery touring, golf and quizzes.

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