Ditching your past

The rational side of me understands that your past helps shape the person you become in the future but what you don’t realise is that your past impacts on your future relationships.

Well my past is certainly impacting on my current relationship as I am continually waiting for the big crash, the moment where my wonderful life turns to crap and my world falls apart.

My fiancé deals with my irrational thoughts with grace and understanding but I wonder why I just can’t seem to get it through my head that I have been lucky enough to meet a man who understands and loves me.

Don’t mistake these feelings for cold feet as they are far from that, I know that I am with the man of my dreams, I know this as I have been with some jerks and my fiancé is the nicest, kindest smartest man I know. So why can’t I just accept that I am allowed to just be happy?

I am sure I am not the only one who has ever worried that their bubble might burst so any tips would be appreciated



One thought on “Ditching your past

  1. Yep, Yep Yep. Your bubble won’t burst. but it may take a while to realise that. it is part of the process. The past means that you won’t take the present for granted and that is the best gift the past could ever give and will make all that past stuff worthwhile. Xxx

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