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David Bowie

Ground Control to Major Tom

Some of you would know that I have love for all things DAVID BOWIE. I love him from the Ziggy Stardust years, all the way through to the 80’s and every single remix album since.

My darling fiancé even went to the effort of dressing as Bowie for Halloween one year. Gee, he knows how to make me happy 😉

Guy dressed as Bowie for Halloween
The things people do for love!

My head fills with so many amazing memories when it comes to Bowie. One of my favourites is when my friends Hannah, Steph and Aaron and I had all had a TERRIBLE day on the film set we were working on (I used to work as a Continuity Supervisor on independent feature films). After the longest, wettest, most depressing days in our short careers, somehow singing along to Bowie ‘s greatest hits lifted our spirits and quite honestly, instantly changed the mood in the car, despiteit being a bloody long drive home!

Then there were all of those nights I stayed up with my old house mate Megan singing and dancing drunkenly along to Bowie and his 80’s music “Changes” & “Modern Love” in our living room. BROKE but oh so happy.

And now we have the times when Guy (my Fiancé) will sing along to Bowie while we drive through the hills. Keep in mind that Bowie was not his type of music at all until I came along, and I am pretty sure it’s still not his favourite but he understands how I find Bowie mood altering. That is what leads me to NOW….

Lately I need lots of David Bowie to get me across the line! For someone who is trying to create a no fuss wedding, I seem to still be getting myself into a tiss! Seriously, WE SHOULD HAVE ELOPED!

So as I am dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s for this wedding, I can’t help but sit here listening to the countdown from Space Oddity.

When I want to remember what a great couple Guy and I are and why we are going through all of this fuss, I listen to Changes (not for the lyrics but for the memories).

Modern love is my go to Bowie wedding song so it’s always on my playlist at the moment.

Let’s Dance makes me think of partying and that just makes me think of how great the reception will be once we have all let our hair down.

And finally Ashes to Ashes makes me thinking of dancing in Guy’s arms and that is my favourite thought that gets me through the stressful times. I have to keep reminding myself that this is our wedding and we will get there and it will all be worth it on the day.

Feel free to give me some mood altering music suggestions as I still have 2 1/2 months to go and think I will definitely need more!

David Bowie

Junk in the trunk

OMG, I never thought this would happen! I HAVE A BUTT!

First let me explain, I have never, EVER had any form of an ass… EVER. I have this flat thing between the base of my back and the start of my legs.
It’s never really been an issue as, let’s be honest, prior to my breast reduction, no one really looked at my ass and I was happy with that.
Well, today I got up, looked in the mirror and there is the beginnings of a perky, still small but pert ass.

I couldn’t take my eyes of it this morning and then proceeded to do a little booty dance in front of my darling fiance who looked mighty impressed. 

I would like to thank Natalie from Zumba with Nat and De who has been getting me to do big lunges and lots of squats twice a week. If you want to see how hard I work in those classes you need to follow my Facebook page as I am constantly uploading photos.

I would also like to thank the Isagenix products, as they insure that I am perfectly recovered from my work out, NO NEXT DAY PAIN! Isn’t that great? No muscle pain, no tightness, no struggling to get into my chair and then dreading getting out of it again. 

With all that said, I would like to write a longer blog on my ass but I have to go do some actual work today.
Perky butt
Disclaimer: this clearly isn’t my ass!

My first weigh in

On Thursday, it was measurement day (da da daaaaaaa).

NOPE it wasn’t scary at all. Unlike any other program like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, the weigh in and measurement day is actually something you look forward to as you KNOW you have lost weight!
Before revealing my 1 month results, I need to explain that when I started this weight-loss journey using the Isagenix products, I didn’t really change my lifestyle too much. I didn’t change my exercise programs and to be completely honest I didn’t change my social life habits either, as my friends and family can certainly attest too!

I wanted to see what a difference this program would make without changing too much.

Well, one month, 30 days on Isagenix, I have lost 5kgs and 25cms. Not bad for someone who still drank on weekends!

I had already lost 2kgs in the month leading up to starting this program so now I have now lost a grand total of 7 kgs.

Albeit, it seems that most of the centimeters have come off my face and boobs, it is coming off!

Now though, to most this seems like a great result, it’s not the dramatic result I need to be able to look myself in the mirror and know I put 100% of my energy into creating the body I want to walk down the aisle with. Beyond that, the body I want to have for the rest of my life.

So here I am, making a commitment to intensify my workouts and curb my bad social life habits.

I am really looking forward to giving you more DRASTIC results in one month time so stay tuned and feel free to help me stay motivated.


My scales
I lost 5kgs

It’s all or nothing time!

Not quite a fairy tale

I thought it was about time I told shared some stories about Guy and I. After all, it’s not just my wedding, it’s his as well.

My love story may not be a fairy tale but it is definitely a modern tale.

I can’t say we fell in love looking across a crowded room but I can say we met at an awards night, which could have been an awkward night, as my friend lost the Best Director Award to the best friend of the man who would become my fiancé…Guy. But neither of us knew that at the time. It wasn’t until the after party that we actually met.
Now if you have been to ANY awards night, you would know that the after parties can get pretty boozy… and we all followed that trend and headed to a night club. There, despite the award conflict, Guy and I met and shared a couple of “wet pussies” (the name of a drink) and left it at that.
A couple of days later, I tracked his friend down and met him in town that Saturday night at another club…Guy was also there.
This night we ended up back at Guy’s house, talking, drinking, and joking until the wee hours of the morning. I ended up falling asleep on his couch and when I woke up, Guy drove me home…on his trusty steed (aka clapped-out Alfa).

From then on, I loved hanging out with Guy every weekend, he was so intelligent and funny (in a dad-joke way) but most of all he felt like my best friend.

Having previously been in a devastating, abusive relationship, I was very scared to even consider dating him, though that didn’t stop him from wanting to give it a go.

After 8 months of practically living together, we finally both changed our Facebook status’ to “In a relationship”. Then Guy went overseas for 7 weeks. This is when I can honestly say that I realised that I had fallen in love with him.
I missed him so much I couldn’t think, eat or sleep. And I know I was a giant pain in the ass for all of my friends. On Guy’s return we embraced and I was finally happy again, so happy I feel asleep on his couch at 6pm that night due to exhaustion and contentment while he went out to party with his mates. Romantic!

We have been together every day since and I couldn’t imagine one day without Guy, my best friend.

The best moment of my life was when he said that he wasn’t my boyfriend or partner, he was my family.