I think I am getting a dress-ache!

To start, with I need to say…I feel so sorry for my bridesmaids.

EVERY WEEK I come up with a new wedding dress for me and then we have to re-think their possible bridesmaids dresses.

Currently, I have 3 potential wedding dresses. The final decision will depend on my weight and how I am feeling closer to the date – as I plan on ordering it in December.

Do I go cute? Sweet? Sexy? Big? Long? Short? Off-white? White? White and Black? Black? Red? Long veil? Short veil? No veil? Heels? Wedges? Flats?!!!!

HOW have millions of women around the world been not only able to make up their mind but stick to that one option?

HELP ME fellow brides-to-be or please speak up if you have already had your wedding and are now the wise woman I need to learn from. Please help as I  truly have absolutely no idea what I am doing!

I still find it hilarious that I booked my wedding and reception venue OVER A YEAR AGO and didn’t think twice about booking them. They were simple choices! SO WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

Please give me advice!! All I want is for Guy (my fiance) to look at me as if I am the most beautiful woman in the world, and with love in his eyes.

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2 thoughts on “I think I am getting a dress-ache!

  1. Tasch I’m pretty sure you have been the most beautiful woman in the world to Guy from the moment he first saw you and and every moment since! That’s not really helpful in terms of picking a dress, but my thoughts on that would be to go with something you feel amazing in, because the one you feel happiest in will make you look best on the day. 🙂

    I know some people have had a picture of their dream dress in their minds since they abandoned diapers, but for those who haven’t got a clue, I think you’ll know when you put it on and you’ll just go “wow”. And if you feel “wow” then that’s the one for you, don’t try to aim for a style/theme/fashion because at the end of the day as you feel more confident with what you’ve achieved you’ll be saying “wow” more and more often – and so you’ll know exactly what “wow” is.

    Enough ramblings from me. Good luck on getting your “wow”!

    1. Andrada wow, you are such a beautiful gal!

      Thank you so much for all of your “wow” encouragement and I look forward to ‘wowing” everyone soon enough!

      Thanks darling.

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